Friday, March 21, 2008


I might have found a new favourite after Michelle Kwan.

There seems to be a lot of dispute over the judges' results in the short program. I think there may some biasness involved, but I really don't wish to judge. Carolina Kostner wasn't really so bad, but in my opinion, Mao Asada was simply sublime this year.

Her short program for this year's ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2008 plunged me straight into an altered state within the first few seconds of her performance. From this short program alone, she has truly excelled herself. So much more musical, so much more elegant than her previous showings in her previous tournaments. Excellent program, excellent costume, excellent music.

I am waiting to watch her free skating program, where she came in second too, after Yu-Na Kim.

But it's all well for now, knowing that she has the gold this year...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Between Wagner & Tango

I had my recess week last week. Had intended to sit through a listening of a Wagner opera last week, but apparently, I was too distracted by tango to sit quietly in my room for just that couple of hours. A bad substitute in terms of musical depth, but surprisingly, I enjoyed myself as much as I would have if I had studied Wagner, or maybe even more...

I'm feeling a little hungry for some Wagner right now though...