Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Obsession With Modern Music

I find myself being addicted to books on modern music or composers than classical guitar books. I swear that if I had the money that day, I would have gotten the book on John Cage than the book on the life of Andrés Segovia.

John Cage's repetitive blasphemous comments almost made me tore that pages out. I'm sure if asked on how did he find Bach, Beethovan or Mozart, he'd have condemned them as well. He was one big egocentric person who called people who didn't understand his music idiots and shot down all comments that his music originated from God by repeatedly claiming that he was the sole creator of his music. I'm really interested in his perspective on the world of sounds and admire his innovative composition techniques. He's no doubt a genius, but he's such a 'staunch' atheist. And that pretty much make him a religious fool... Oh well...

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