Friday, October 28, 2005

15th International Chopin Competition

News of the winner in this competition came to me pretty late due to the absence of an internet connection for the past week.

And so the first prize was awarded to Pan Rafal Blechacz from Poland, the birthplace of this Frederick Chopin. Interesting thing this year is that no 2nd or 5th prize was awarded. So do such results mean that they have a fixed criteria to attain those specific places? Dong Hyek Lim and Dong Min Lim from Korea were both awarded the 3rd prize, Shohei Sekimoto and Takashi Yamamoto from Japan were awarded the 4th prize and Ka Ling Colleen Lee from China was awarded the 6th prize. The first prize winner claimed the best performance of a polonaise, mazurka and concerto. Pretty stunning...

Really wish I could be there to listen live to his interpretation of Chopin's works. Shall be grabbing a copy of his CD when it comes out.

Maybe I'll be there to watch the competition in 5 years' time. =)

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Tim's Mom said...

It sounds like they need some kind of tie-breaker!

How does one find out when the competition is released on CD? I'd love to hear the winner, since he's from Chopin's homeland.