Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I was taking a train to a place that particular evening when I heard an orchestral version of Manuel Maria Ponce's famous composition - Estrellita (A Little Star). I couldn't quite get recall the title at first until I realised that it's a transcription of a guitar work which I've worked on before. Anyways, as the nostalgic music played on, a lovely couple caught my attention. The way they stared into each other's eyes, oblivious of all the people and noise around them, coupled with this special piece of music playing in my earphones, threw me into one of my introspective moods. Once again, I was overwhelmed by the flood of mental images in my mind.

It has been two years and yet, the events are still firmly etched in my mind...

It was one of the most special and memorable nights in my life. I was out with this most beautiful lady for dinner, after which we walked towards the cinema in the city to catch a romance movie with a sweet and lovely plot. What left a deep impression wasn't the events but was the intimate emotional rapport we shared which was more than that of mere friends. As the events and conversations played through in my mind, I was attempting hard to recreate the sensory and emotional affinity I had with the lady that night. Definitely isn't as satisfying, but it was sufficient to cast me into the intense nostalgic mood, with a longing for close companionship.

The mental images ended with us parting outside her house after midnight. She faded into the background, just as the C maj chord is arpeggiated in the sweetest possible way to conclude the piece.

I took off my earphones and broke into a silent prayer for her after that...

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weathered stone said...

sometimes the only thing we can give the person we care for is a prayer. sometimes, that is the best thing we could give.