Saturday, June 03, 2006

Kissed By The Stars Tonight

I stopped by the pool on the way home from the Bible Study session to observe the night sky tonight. Surprisingly, on this developed island which boasts of light pollution, the skies are dotted with myriads of stars from my position beside the poolside on this night. Plugged in my earphones and saturated my surroundings with some light-hearted bossa nova music before lying down to gaze at the velvety skies. Indulging in such a lovely environment, I swayed to the underlying gentle rhythms, clearing my mind of all the chaos and clutter of the week. The most magical moment came when I caught a shooting star making its trip across the universe. It's such an indescribable joy to be able to behold the creations of our omnipotent God. Throughout the period I spent beside the pool, it truly feels as if time stopped and the God sent the angels to visit me tonight.

Earlier in the day, I made a mistake in choosing the wrong music to start the day off. The drama in Schubert's song cycles proved too much for my emotional threshold in the morning and sent me into a despondent state for the rest of the day. Thankfully, the Bible Study session lifted my spirits and with the most magical time spent beneath the velvet sky, I was in a much better state to practise for tomorrow's rehearsal.

Guess I'll take a sabbatical from classical music and go for some salon music this weekend. Shall be playing Vincente Sojo's arrangement of a Venezuelan tune for tomorrow's solo session. It's going to be a long night of practice again...

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song said...

to think that the very poems Schubert based his music on, ironically brought a sense of comfort to me on the same night. the stars were probably there, but i was too blinded by life to see them. how i envy you. shooting star.. yet to see one. maybe God will be gracious in that specific way some other time.