Monday, January 08, 2007

The Sound Of A Höfner

The Höfner guitar which stands in the Esplanade shop came up in our conversations again. I could still hear the deeply captivating sounds of that guitar even after my last encounter with it was more than a week back.

Just one of the three guitars that stands in that strings shop, the sound of it shines above all the guitars in the neighbouring guitar shop. The unmistakable heart-stirring basses of a German guitar, and the clear trebles that sings like a human voice. One look into the construction of the guitar reveals nothing new or special compared to the traditional fan bracing of Spanish instrument, neither is the back of the guitar made up of the best Brazilian rosewood (in fact just the common Indian rosewood), and it still intrigues the seasoned guitarists in the group that how the guitar can still sound so extraordinary.

If I have only five words to describe the sounds of this German Höfner, they'll be resonant, pure, refined, powerful and responsive.

It still falls short to traditional powerhouses like Paulino Bernabe and Manuel Contreras, but this is definitely a steal at such a price. No extra cost for banned wood, experimental ideas, just pure workmanship alone.


IVAN LIM said...

Sweet! I've not played a Bernabe or Contreras that I liked so I might just walk over and buy that german off the shelf. What pieces did you play in the competition?

solitudex said...

The Prelude from Bach's Prelude, Fugue and Allegro, BWV 998 and the entire Suite Castellana by Torroba, Granada by Albeniz and the Fuoco from Roland Dyen's Libra Sonatine.

And I seriously didn't know that you've been visiting this corner of cyberspace for quite some time... =)

hautzeng said...

i like the light brown, oak(i think) colour one! i think tt's a very special and lovely colour which i would certainly want to buy if i'm a guitarist and can afford it.

Anonymous said...

hope your competition went well! :)

wan shan

solitudex said...

Thanks, Wan Shan. I did gain a lot from my first competitive experience.

It just struck me that the reason my main instrument is the guitar is probably because the first instrument which I could get my hands on was that guitar from you.

I don't know if I should be thanking you for that. But well, it really is a charming instrument and I don't regret it at all. =)

IVAN LIM said...

Hey I went to Frank Bros again and tested the Hofner more thoroughly this time. I can't find any fault with it, except maybe its appearance. It's a plain-looking girl with a beautiful voice. I think I'll go buy it next week.

solitudex said...

*looking on with envy*