Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bayreuther Festspiele 2008

The dates of this year's Bayreuther Festspiele are out. It runs from 25th July to 28th August.

25 July Parsifal I
26 July Tristan I
27 July Meistersinger I
28 July Rheingold I
29 July Walküre I
31 July Siegfried I
02 August Götterdämmerung I
03 August Parsifal II
04 August Meistersinger II
05 August Tristan II
06 August Parsifal III
07 August Meistersinger III
08 August Rheingold II
09 August Walküre II
10 August Parsifal
11 August Siegfried II
13 August Götterdämmerung II
14 August Tristan III
15 August Meistersinger IV
16 August Parsifal V
17 August Siegfried
18 August Tristan IV
19 August Meistersinger V
20 August Rheingold III
21 August Walküre III
23 August Siegfried III
25 August Götterdämmerung III
26 August Tristan V
27 August Meistersinger VI
28 August Parsifal VI

Wolfgang Wagner has announced his resignation as the director of the festival on 29th April 08, according to news reports. It is still unsure of who will take over him yet, as the festival committee has yet to choose a candidate.


nat* said...

Wheee! Can't wait! It's gonna be interesting huh?

solitudex said...

Ha, that's when all my party activities will come to a standstill and I'll stay all night in front of the computer.

I'm so glad they have our beloved Tristan und Isolde in the programme this season.

nat* said...

Of course of course! Was thinking of asking a few Wagner-crazy friends over to camp at my place to listen :p just a thought though. Interested? (:

solitudex said...

Das ist eine sehr gute Idee, nat! =)

daland said...

The opening Parsifal is going to be directed by my compatriot Daniele Gatti: he gave a concert performance of Parsifal in Rome earlier this year, with spectacular results. I'm pretty sure he'll do well down in the Orchestergraben.

In the meanwhile the SNYO with Lim Soon Lee is guest here in Milan on july 17 with an interesting program: