Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Maybe this is too high a jump for me after all. Getting a little apprehensive if I'll be able to perfect those four pieces before the competition. Coupled with the fact that I'm in the army and my practice time is limited, tripled with the fact that my instrument is inferior to many of the other competitors. Don't get me wrong, I don't detest my instrument, she's still my beloved lover right now. But it really takes much more effort to get a pure sound out of her as compared to when I play a more expensive instrument. Well, the only way to get a better guitar is through this competition.

Oh well, guess it's wrong to go for the competition to get a better guitar anyway. I'm a musician and my only quest is to achieve the most perfect sound and therefore, play the most perfect music which carries the softest, most tender message that penetrates the listerner's heart like an arrow. Can't allow such a pure passion to be tainted by materialism. Never mind if I don't get through, I'll just do what that is possible and enjoy my practices instead of being burdened by deadlines, which undoubtedly takes out the fun of practising music...

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