Thursday, June 09, 2005

Perfection and Expression

Is it really true that paying too much attention trying to be perfect will decrease one's expressiveness? I think I'm going to focus on the expression for the short performance this Saturday without caring about being too perfect. For the past one year, all my performances have been unsatisfactory and I haven't been able to pinpoint what's wrong. I doubt it's due to the lack of practice for ample time has been given to me to practise. Everytime I step onto the stage, my mind seems to be overwhelmed by the need to be perfect. Now that I've thought through about this problem quite intensively these 2 weeks, I realise that music isn't about perfection. It's not a way to express one's emotion. It's emotion itself. And I'd rather express this emotion well instead of merely perfecting the notes. Therefore, this time, I've decided to change my mindset totally. Forget about perfection, I'm sure I know the notes anyway. I'll focus all my mind on expressing the music well.

Decided to change the pieces to Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tarrega and Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1. Decided to treat this small performance a little more seriously, that's why I scrapped the new pieces which I've just practised two weeks ago. =)

Well now, hope that the performance goes well on Saturday and I'll get the elusive satisfaction which has been missing...

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