Monday, September 12, 2005

Facsimile Edition

I've been studying the facsimile editions of Bach's Lute Suites and it sure is interesting to learn the now obsolete notations in the Baroque era. Not forgetting the fact that I'm proposing reading such scores as a good method to get a headache. There're lots of ambiguities at first sight and he isn't exactly very tidy. I know Beethovan's worse, but stop bringing him up. The way he wrote his slurs for his instrumental works isn't very clear in the exact notes which are slurred. I just thought this is good as well, at least I can experiment a little on the interpretation of the work and exercise a little discretion on my own in being faithful to the composer. Of course, after all these tedious work, the feeling is just wonderful to be able to bring the whole piece of music alive, especially after adding the tone colour and dynamics to make it sound just the way it ought to be in my opinion.

There're still a whole tonne of information on the interpretation of Bach's music on my table to be studied. Yes, I do get a headache, but there's also this anticipation, thinking of the kind of gems I may be able to extract out of the mine there.

And amidst of these work constantly remind myself that the natural feel of the music must not be lost, which is so common of some of the recordings of Bach out there...

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