Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Carnival of Music

Arh, I've decided to help host the Carnival of Music two weeks later. A million thanks to JohnL for giving me this chance to host and this is a wonderful project for bringing all the posts on music in the blogging world together.

"The Carnival of Music is a celebration of all things musical - listening to or playing it, writing or recording it, analyzing or criticizing it. Music history, music theory, and composition are all welcome and encouraged in featured entries. I will not limit genres; classical, jazz, pop, rock, rap, country -- all are welcome here."

This week, we have The Llama Butchers hosting the Carnival of Music #8. Be sure to visit their site, for there're a few interesting posts on music for this week. =)

Maybe I ought to submit a post for next week's Carnival by Scott Spielberg at Musical Perceptions. Shall probably write on my opinions on twentieth century music, which I've been listening to more often recently. If I manage to rush out my post by Friday that is...

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