Sunday, July 24, 2005

Food for Thought

"When you play music, if you truly surrender your ego and your self, you lose the awareness of your own body, and your body becomes the body of the sound. You perceive your own person as being inside the tone, inside the sound, and of course the audience is also inside the tone, so you are really one, and it's really difficult for me to know where I end and the public begins, I feel a real togetherness and a real oneness, bonded by the tone, by the actual physical vibration of the sound. And this is a wonderful experience."
-Pepe Romero, renowned classical guitarist
Alright, he did seem a little incoherent cause his native language is Spanish, but the meaning is there. I just didn't quite agree with the audience portion. When I think about the audience when playing music, it really takes out more than half of my attention from the music and I eventually can't connect with my music as well as in my practices. Maybe only seasoned performers are capable of being completely at ease when playing in front of huge audiences...


Guan said...

hmm, i agree with u that with audience, one simply can't concentrate.. but on the other hand, if u can still immerse yourself in the music and bring out the beautiful tone u want, it's considered an art. yupz. juz my two cents worth of opinion. hope u can achieve that art one day! haha.. and i like your balcony scene! so nice.. how come i don't see such scenes from mine? >_<

solitudex said...

I actually believe that the inability to concentrate is a problem most performers face when they go on stage, with the bright lights and audience, especially when they can't seem to be perfectly quiet, and constantly remind the performers of their prescence. =S

Arh, that's just the better side of my balcony. The other side is littered with apartment blocks and ugly construction works. So i juz took a picture of the nicer side. ;)