Thursday, July 07, 2005

Joaquin Turina

Ask me and I can name every guitar work by this composer but I have to confess that I have no idea of how each of them sounds like although I listened to them countless times. Sometimes, his spanish guitar works just left me cold instead of me being touched like works by Rodrigo, Albeniz, Falla or Granados. His pieces are so dissonant that somehow the notes just can't seem to find a resolution throughout the piece.

My teacher just threw me a piece by him and told me that he wants me to play that for next year's competition. He did manage to convince me why perfecting it will have a good chance of winning, for the piece showcases the guitarist's technical skills. But after studying the score, I realised that it's littered with sharps, flats and naturals. I actually went to listen hard to recordings of it and after a while, I found myself liking that piece. Maybe it's an acquired taste, when my ear gets used to the dissonance and finds structure within those mess.

Maybe some other day, I'll start on Stravinsky. I have trouble sitting through the complete recording of the Rites of Spring... Oh well...

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