Sunday, July 17, 2005

Music to Start the Day

A scene from my balcony

It is Bach's Violin Sonatas and Partitas that I'm listening to now. It's amazing how a day can start off so beautifully in Henryk Szeryng's passionate rendition of Bach's music. I've finished my personal devotion and I'm waiting for the sky to brighten up. I'm sure such music would sound wonderful in the background when the first rays of the sun peep into the room...

No, I wasn't listening to his famous Partita No 2. It's a suite far too dark and overly passionate to be played in the beautiful morning. I don't exactly have the intention of having tears in my eyes this early in the morning... Shall devote an entry on this suite and its magnificent Chaconne (Ciaconna) in the near future.

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